Raffa Wealth Management on SONI Conference

March 12, 2014—Rockville, MD—Raffa Wealth Management, a top investment adviser in offering serious, long term approaches to growing and sustaining wealth, participated in the 2014 SONI Conference.  SONI revealed that many nonprofits are lacking key investment guidelines on benchmarking, diversification and even guidelines to address who is ultimately responsible for investment decisions. Neglecting to include critical guidelines can openup fiduciaries to unnecessary risk. Raffa Wealth Management compiled a checklist for you to consider that can be found here

About SONI

The Study on Nonprofit Investing (SONI) is an independent, joint research project of Raffa Wealth Management, LLC and Raffa, PC.  SONI was developed to answer the question “what are other nonprofits doing with their reserves”.  SONI’s mission is to empower nonprofits with actionable data that will lead to better decisions about their investments.

Rather than operate in a vacuum, SONI enables you to share best practices and learn from your peers.  Whether your organization is a trade or professional association, a public charity, or a scientific or educational institute – the SONI results can help verify that your investment policies are sound and your ROI is in line with your peers.

Raffa, PC is recognized as one of the 100 largest and best-managed accounting firms in the U.S. – serving as advisors and back office solution providers to nonprofit organizations.  Raffa Wealth Management is a specialty investment advisory firm offering both portfolio management and investment policy consulting services to nonprofits of all size and type.

About Raffa Wealth Management

Raffa Wealth Management is a registered investment advisor offering a serious, long term approach to growing and sustaining wealth. We were established to fill what we consider to be a glaring need for transparency, clarity, and accountability in managing investments. Whether 'you' are an organization, private foundation, or an individual supporting the nonprofit sector - we are proud to help you 'Grow it for Good'!


Joshua Payette

Raffa Financial Services