Industry Experience

Company History

To understand Raffa Financial Services, one only needs to consider the history of all of the Raffa companies. The original Raffa company, Raffa, PC, was founded in 1984 originally to provide accounting services to the nonprofit sector.  Our thinking at the time was that this was a completely underserved segment of the marketplace.  More importantly, if we could find ways to support nonprofit clients, mostly 501(c)(3) charities, the end result of our work would be a significant contribution to our local community.  From the very beginning, the Raffa has been looking for ways to “Make a Difference” in the community and that remains a guiding tenant today.

Initially, Raffa, PC offered Accounting, Tax and Auditing services.  However, early on, it became quite apparent to us that our clients needed plenty of help and support with almost all types of business services.  In our second year, the company made the pivotal decision to internally develop new or additional services and offer them directly to our clients. Over the years, the company expanded to include Consulting, Accounting Outsourcing, Human Resources Outsourcing, Computer Network & Software Support, Web Design, Pension Consulting and, of course, a wide range of Financial Services. In almost every case, we could have partnered with outside firms to deliver additional services, however our thinking was that Raffa’s “Proprietary” services would be more integrated, efficient and cost effective.

To assure regulatory compliance and complete independence, Raffa Financial Services, Inc. was founded as a separate firm in 1999 to offer Insurance, Investment Services and Employee Benefits. Following the footsteps of our sister company, Raffa Financial Services has expanded our services in much the same manner, offering the full range of Employee Benefits, Executive Benefits and Individual Insurance. In 2006, we expanded yet again with the introduction of Raffa Wealth Management, LLC, our own independent Investment Advisory firm.

Today, Raffa Financial Services is one of the Top 15 employee benefit companies in the region with several hundred corporate clients. In its relatively short history, Raffa Wealth Management is nationally ranked in the top 75 independent investment advisors based on assets under management. Both companies’ objective is to offer low cost, high quality products and services with state-of-the-art administration services and to become premier providers of these services in the region. In fact, our guiding tenet throughout this period of growth is to continue to find ways to offer “Fortune 500” company benefits and business services to small and mid-sized employers.

Going forward, it is imperative to us to continue to think “Strategically” for our clients and their specific needs and objectives and to understand what it will take at Raffa Financial Services to continue to deliver creative solutions to the companies that we work for. Our history, our success and our growth is an indication of our dedication, hard work and most importantly our planning for the future…for ourselves and for our clients.