Industry Experience

Message from the President

Steven K. Heger, CLUI am often asked, what makes Raffa Financial Services different from the many other capable organizations that provide the services that we do?  The simple answer is that we care.  We care about our clients, their finances, their mission, their future and their employees and families.

Caring at Raffa Financial starts with our own employees.  We understand that our clients need permanent relationships and support that they can count on.  Therefore, it is a cultural and business decision to recruit the best people that we can, treat them well and, most importantly, retain them.  We work very hard to make sure that our staff stays in place so that our clients can keep important personal relationships intact and always count on us.  Our first employee is still with our firm 22 years later.  In fact, since the founding of the company, we have kept virtually every key employee that we have ever hired at Raffa Financial.

We understand that our industries, particularly healthcare, are extremely challenging.  We care about the fact that our clients have been faced with escalating costs and regulatory uncertainty that can dramatically affect their businesses.  To us, it is critical to find ways to lower costs, empower our clients and lend certainty to an uncertain environment.  Our clients know that we are in this together and we will come up with the creative and necessary strategies that will help them through the toughest of times.

Because we care, it is standard procedure at Raffa Financial to do things that are extraordinary and well outside the scope of what traditional brokers do for our clients.  If the clients ask (and even if they don’t) we will simply find a way to help.  We care about every client personally in addition to our very strong professional relationships.  It is somewhat ordinary for our clients to send notes of thanks, send flowers to our staff and even stop in to bring us lunch at our offices.

I am often reminded of one of our clients who hired us for saving her firm over $300,000 annually.  Although incredibly pleased with our initial work, she emphasized that her current broker provided exemplary customer service and that we would have to match the responsiveness and dedication of the previous broker in order to retain the business.  I assured her that we would do the same.  Months later, she sent us an email at 4:00 AM and we returned an email with her answer only 15 minutes later at 4:15 AM.  I received an email note of thanks that my assurance proved to be true.

Finally, we understand that our business is extremely personal.  It is understood that our services are most likely needed during the most difficult circumstances that our clients could possibly face.  When our clients are sick or hurt, when someone is disabled, when a loved one is lost or when you face the uncertainty of retirement, our firm and our staff has to be there to provide knowledge, certainty, support and empathy.  At Raffa, we know that our legacy is millions of dollars in insurance contacts that will support those who need help the most.  We live, work and support our clients with this knowledge every day.

Most importantly, we care.