Industry Experience

Raffa Group Benefits

In today’s dramatically changing health & welfare marketplace, it is critical that employers work with a firm that specializes in health & welfare employee benefits planning.  Raffa Group Benefits, a specialized practice group within Raffa Financial Services, Inc. is just such a specialist.

Raffa Group Benefits has developed a proactive and comprehensive service model around employee benefits that is designed to support Human Resources and enrich every aspect of the employee benefits experience.  The Raffa Group Benefits service model process starts with an assessment and benchmarking that we call our Summary of Findings.  Once complete, our Account Executives develop a custom business plan for employer sponsored employee benefits that addresses every aspect of employee benefits planning including cost containment, benefits administration, technology, full and complete compliance and customer service and support.  All Raffa Group Benefits planning and support services are delivered using a team approach that includes fully licensed and specialized employees for each aspect of the service model, coordinated by a single “go to” Account Executive.

Raffa Group Benefits is also unique in that our Account Executives are extremely knowledgeable about non-qualified or Executive Benefit Planning.  In fact, Employee Benefits planning does not happen in a vacuum at Raffa Group Benefits.  All employer sponsored plans are “optimized” for their effect on upper level management and key executives.  The result is a coordinated approach to employee benefit planning that benefits all of your employees from the top to the bottom of your company.